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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Kung Fu Show Beijing: The Read Theater special

Chinese martial art is one of the signature items of China, which is associated to Chinese cult of viewing and conducting life with discipline and austerity to achieve a higher level of physical and mental integrity. The Kung Fu Show in Read Theater, Beijing is a national tribute to China’s martial art. Impeccable stage arrangement, lighting, and awesome performance are the main US s of this theatrical performance, which pulls thousands of crowds, local and foreigners for years.

Red Theater, Kung Fu Show: why it is special

The Read Theater is located at 44, XingfuDajie, Chongwen District of Beijing and this is the place where this famous Kung Fu Show of Beijing takes place. The show title remains the same, which is Legend of Kung Fu although different performers take part in playing the roles.  It tells the story of a little boy how he became the Kung Fu Master through a series of labors and hardships.

Kung Fu Show: storyline

The story line remains the same for everyday show: a little boy was sent to Buddhist temple to be trained as a monk in his young age. He had to work hard to get himself accommodated with the strict discipline of the temple and there in course of the events, he became influenced by Kung Fu-the martial art. He worked hard but on his way to achieve his success he was distracted by a lady and his roadmap to success was badly hampered. However, Chun Yi, the boy punished him severely and came back on track and became a Kung Fu Mater ultimately.

Kung Fu Show Beijing: its uniqueness

The famous Kung Fu Show of Beijing remains divided in 6 scenes and the performers are chosen from all over China within 17-year age bracket. It is an 80-min show and only actions are used to depict the show, performers do not interact. The show includes excellent choreography, lighting, and stage decoration. There is a huge board for displaying the subtitle of the show in English language for the assistance of the tourists. Here spectators are allowed to take photos with Kung Fu ShowBeijing performers.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Red Theatre Kung Fu show is worth visiting

 Red Theatre Kung Fu Show
China is regarded among the richest countries in the world for its culture and tradition. It has a history which has encompassed around 5,000 years. China has always remained to be the most visited places on the globe due to the inclusions it have for the visitors. Other than the historical inclusions, this country is exceptionally rich in natural scenery with deserts and oceans.

You can check the top 10 locations in China, which are worth visiting. You can never afford to miss any of these locations. Some of these locations are discussed below which always gets highlighted when you plan a trip to China:

·         Forbidden City is one of the most visited locations in Beijing. This is one of the historical places depicting the history of China. According to UNECO, this is among the largest places to have the wooden structures from history. 

·         Great Wall of China is another of the main attractions which you can never afford to miss. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, depicting the best of Chinese history and tradition.

·         Ming Tomb ensures that you step into the Chinese history.  The Ming dynasty has a huge hand on constructing and reconstructing the Great Wall of China. They have played a major role in saving the Chinese province from foreign invasion.

·         If you are in China, you must make sure of visiting the Red Theatre Kung Fu Show. Kung Fu has always remained along the history of China. Hence, visiting the Red theatre, you can be assured to having a superficial experience of this traditional martial art. 
 Red Theatre Kung Fu Show

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Read our Reviews - Red Theatre Beijing Kung Fu Show

Kung Fu Show Beijing reviews are very high and exceptional among the local people as well as the world wide teens and children’s because of the exciting and well built plot that is built in the show thoroughly and right from the old and past history. The story is very interesting and the plot is thoroughly exciting. The Beijing’s theatres reviews are quite high because of the services that they provide in and out of theatres and also online for the booking of tickets on various and well availed discounts by most of its customers.
The red theatre in Beijing presents the legendary about the Kung Fu which starts with a very interesting and beautiful story where the young teen boy was found roaming in the gates of the old and ancient temple. In this show the hero is on his way to the discovery of himself leading towards his enlightenment and joy. This teen’s story is filled with the fraughts and with the plenty temptations, trials and problems.
Red Theatre Beijing
The title provided if for the known of the English speakers, which the subtitles provide in and for this stage which helps the audience to follow this story line well. The title provided if for the known of the English speakers, which the subtitles provide in and for this stage which helps the audience to follow this story line well. Thus, the well built plot and the Kung Fu Show Beijing reviews are thoroughly exceptional and if you’re interested in going for the show this is the best time to click online.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Legend of Kung Fu in Red Theatre is a spectacular show

The Red Theatre in Beijing is extremely famous for its grand and extravagant Kung Fu performance. The theatre has one of the best Kung Fu performers in the city. The theatre organizes very colorful and vibrant performances, with bright costumes, groovy music, and splendid blend of modern and traditional Kung Fu art. The theatre has lovers around the nation and outside it as well. The Kung fu show Beijing review is very nice and pleasant, the reviews has praise of show from all aspect. 
Red Theatre

Audiences love the shows organized in the Beijing Red Theatre and these shows in their Kung fu show Beijing review. People of all ages go for the shows, the performers are basically youngsters but the audience includes all age groups from 6 to 60. Once you read the reviews of the spectators you won’t be able to stop yourself from going for the show. 
Red Theatre Kungfu Show

Review: I have come from India to explore China and wanted to go to see the all the old and new traditions of China. China has always been a land of warriors and great mystery and Kung Fu of course. I was told to go to Red Theatre if I want to see authentic Kung Fu, I took my two sons and wife along with me and we all loved the experience. The show was grand and extremely gorgeous. Now that I am back in India my kids wants to learn kung fu.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Kung Fu martial art: The story of its origin in a nutshell

 Red Theatre Beijing
The origin of Kung Fu has a legendary back-story to it. It is a legendary story and is apocryphal with no evidential proof as to its accuracy. Its date can be fairly traced back to 4000 years though again one cannot vouch for the preciseness. The legend goes that the art of Kung Fu originated during the rule of the Yellow Emperor. He was a far-sighted man with major leadership qualities. He was also a highly erudite person and had read a lot about Chinese art, warfare, astrology and science. His knowledge and experience led to the birth of a martial art called Jiao Di. This art is the root of Kung Fu and if the story is to be believed than this is also the true origin of the martial art. Over the years, these martial arts have developed and prospered. A Warrior Show at the Red Theater in Beijing can give you a vignette of the beauty and philosophy of this art in a brilliant and engaging way.

It may seem astounding to find that Kung Fu originated such a long time back. But now after so many centuries, it has evolved into something more. It is not just practiced for self-defense but is also exhibited in recreation shows and entertaining films. In this context, it would be vital to say that Kung Fu strategies found a powerful role in Chinese warfare. It was deployed in several strategies in the war fronts and is now practiced by thousands both within and outside China.

For this reason, a Warrior Show at the Red Theater in Beijing becomes a must-watch for any tourist on a city trip. 
Legend of Kungfu

Friday, 3 January 2014

Book Discount Tickets for Kung Fu Show at Red Theatre

Red Theatre
If you are in Beijing, hoping to catch unusual places that are yet unexplored by many, head to the Red Theater in Beijing to experience a show of your lifetime. Red Theater hosts one of the most spectacular Kung Fu Show Beijing, which is not to be missed, especially if you want to know more about this traditional art form famous in China. 

China has a glorious past and has a rich culture and heritage. One of the highlights of its culture is the art of Kung Fu. Mastering this art requires years of training which is very well depicted in the Kung FuShow Beijing at the Red Theater. One needs to visit the theater to explore the amazing facets of this art.

We offers discounted tickets for the show if you make prior reservations either on the phone or via an email. Although you can avail the tickets at the window, for the discounted price you will have to make prior reservations. Furthermore, we also offers best price for larger groups; thus if you are travelling with friends to this great city, make sure you all make the most of the discount and book tickets before hand. This will not just save you money, but also a lot of time as you won’t have to jostle for the tickets nor worry about the seating since you can choose beforehand which area you wish to sit in. Thus, make the most of your visit to Beijing and book a Kung Fu Show Beijing at the Red Theater.
Red Theatre

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